In the Beginning

So – Coffee has become an integral part of our day; that is if you drink coffee! (On a side note to the non-coffee drinkers, approach the coffee drinker with caution in the mornings. You don’t know if they have had their coffee yet.) But for those who enjoy a cup to get the day started it’s become a part of our daily routine, whether it involves stopping at The Stag in the mornings or using your own choice of machine at home. It’s become a big part of starting or getting through our day.

More so, it’s become a culture. What’s the atmosphere like, or what taste notes can you taste: is it earthy, berry or bitter. You can go on and on looking at some amazing technical ways of bringing out flavours from a choice bean. BUT for the normal day to day customer who comes in to our shop, what and why do they chose our coffee?

First of all, I’ll give you some background. I always dreamed of having a coffee shop. As a kid I watched friends and loved the idea of having a shop where people meet, catch up, chat, cry, laugh and chill. I didn’t ever think that a shop, a small shop, could change a community – and in my small thinking, I had no idea of how many people we could reach in the little Fish Hoek community.

We have met new friends, old friends and everything in-between-friends. I’ve had ups and downs, I’ve learnt loads and continue to learn and better things as we go along. We have had many people play such a big part in our shop: Family set up the plumbing, every one I knew painted out the shop, people helped us wait on tables, and my Aunt and cousin rescued us in the first week working in the kitchen.

Needless to say its been an awesome journey of learning and discovering what can come of small dreams and humble beginnings.

From the beginning, loads of prayer and waiting for doors to open or shut. Looking for chairs, tables, all the odds and ends – it all just fell into place and God is good. We continue to see where He is taking and leading us.

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