Our Coffee @ The Stag

Our coffee blend is roasted for us in Cape Town. Our beans are sourced from Brazil with an easy, drinkable flavour. We always double-shot all of our coffees, as is the international trend. So if you like it on the mild side, remember to ask for a single shot. 

We like to stay on the cutting edge of the coffee trends, trying out some of the great ideas that are going round the world. From coffee in a cone to a coffee sunrise, and coffee & orange juice! I love seeing what the coffee community is doing and give it a try here in Fish Hoek.

We use local milk distributors for your coffee, supporting our local small businesses. 

The ingredients are from local companies who get it fresh from the markets. 99% of our food is made by our amazing kitchen staff who have been trained to bring you the best flavoured food possible. 

We have a range of vegan friendly products from coconut lattes, coconut hot chocolate to a variety of health muffins for our vegan community.

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